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Trip Cancellation Insurance

Individual/Family Health: If you are self employed or just work at a job that does not provide health insurance… we can help.  California Pros works with all the major carriers directly and through Covered California.  We are certified enrollment specialist through Covered California therefore we are able the help you obtain Health Insurance Coverage at any income level.

Individual/Family Dental/Vision: We work directly with VSP, Delta and National Dental.  Therefore we offer HMO and PPO plans that can accommodate all your needs.  Click on the link above for a no obligation quote.

Life Insurance: In addition to helping to support dependents, life insurance can help provide immediate cash at death. Insurance proceeds can be used to pay the deceased's debts, funeral expenses, and income or estate taxes. If you’re like some people, you probably have insurance for everything under the sun—your car, your home and maybe even your cell phone. But do you have insurance on your life. Only 60% of Americans have some type of life insurance.  That’s a pretty interesting statistic considering 100% of us are going to die.

Pet Insurance: Pet’s are part of the family too.  Save yourself the stress of having to make a hard decision for your pet’s health based on your finances.  Protect yourself and your pet with a Pet Insurance Policy from California Pros.  We teamed up with ASPCA to bring you the best pet policies available.  ASPCA is a not for profit that Helps vulnerable animals.  They keep pets in safe and loving homes      When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving lives and elevating our society and its laws to ensure cruelty victims and other at-risk animals receive the protection and care they deserve.

Travel & Trip Cancellation Insurance: Because travel plans can change... we're here for you.  Travel insurance plans underwritten by Nationwide to protect your vacation investment.  Travel Medical Insurance will protect you in case you are in need of medical care while overseas.  Coverage includes medical evacuation, 24/7 Support, Prompt Access to Trusted Doctors and Hospitals, Cashless Appointment Scheduling and
Paperless Claims Resolution.

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